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Their new Little Builder Rattle Blocs are perfectly designed for younger children, with thicker, chunkier blocks for easy holding and manipulation, and hollow pieces containing built-in wooden marbles that rattle during play. The 10 rattle blocks have brightly colored window-like rectangles on their sides, thus providing the perfect foundation with which kids easiily construct buildings, towns, and little cities.

The triangular rooftop pieces are also brightly colored with water-based paint, as are the wooden staircases and squares. There are 22 pieces in all, packaged in a sturdy, beautifully designed bucket with carrying handle, ideal for quick clean-up and transportation between playtimes. When it comes to creative, constructive play, Citiblocs ranks at the pinnacle. Here's a marvelous idea that will provide hours of creative fun AND a cherished keepsake. Create Your Own Puzzle comes with two large, blank puzzle boards and 18 colored pencils. Each piece puzzle board becomes a canvas on which you create your masterpiece, as simple or elegant as the mood that strikes you.

When you're finished, it's puzzle time. Take your work apart and put it back together, time and again gleefully watching your work of art come to life! The back of each puzzle board has a certificate circle for the artist's name and age, making it a perfect memento that will give pleasure for years to come! There we see and learn all about the creatures of the period and the environment in which they lived. Kids take photographs of the things they learn and arrange them in a travel log, solve puzzles, make their own dinosaurs, and are exposed to a host of fascinating creatures.

Dynamic sound and visual effects make the experiences visceral, exciting, and fun, while the high level of interactivity rivets kids' attention. There is never a dull moment, and the detail and interactivity is finely tuned towards having kids fully absorb and understand what they're learning. Don't be surprised to hear your children happily discussing the differences between sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.

  • Marvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth: Book 1 - Rejacketed.
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  • Project 1794.

Just enjoy their newfound enthusiasm for learning, awakened by these apps. It's a beautiful thing. Ansel and Clair are back with another fine app loaded with fun and learning. This time they help kids explore the ways we humans can impact our environment for better or worse. Each player gets his very own island. By picking up trash, sowing seeds, and moving a rain cloud around to water them, players earn Greenbucks with which they purchase a variety of items beneficial to the environment.

In doing so, they transform their island from a barren place to one full of greenery, combating a host of environmental threats along the way. Methane, pesticides, pollutants, and other eco-challenges pop up, sometimes in the form of menacing little creatures singing and skittering about onscreen. Solutions for dealing with them are presented, and players take action and see the benefits of doing so.

That's the brilliance of this app - the investment children feel in the onscreen environment and the tangible payoffs they experience in taking actions reflective of those needed in the real world. In addition to knowledge absorbed while playing the exciting games, kids also view images and text on topics ranging from the amount of garbage a single human generates over a lifetime to the beneficial impact recycling and the growth of trees have on the environment.

This app brings Paul Revere and the American Revolution to life in ways that keep the details fresh in a child's mind long after their device has been turned off. It's an animated journey loaded with fun, interactive features, and, as always, having Ansel and Clair as our travel companions keeps us coming back for more.

Players see and hear events, circumstances, and locations from the American Revolution, while mini-games specific to each topic reinforce and bind that information with a playful touch. Each of these events triggers a mini-game like tossing tea chests to feed a shark and an opportunity to take a photograph relating to the event, followed by a pop-up quiz review.

Children can touch and drag a locator to visit key locations, reenact historical events, trace Paul Revere's route, decipher coded messages, and of course, witness his famous ride. These and many other exciting activities within the app result in countless hours of fun and learning. Make eating fun with these utensils fashioned as construction vehicles - Forklift Fork, Frontloader Spoon, and Bulldozer Pusher, all playfully designed to get the food where it needs to go - into your child's belly. Getting young children to settle in for eating can sometimes seem a chore. Why not actively engage their imaginations in the process and turn mealtime into a playful attraction?

Rugged, light, and dishwasher safe, the Constructive Eating Utensils are brightly colored and comfortable for hands of all sizes. The Garden Plate makes eating fun and easy for young children, helping to keep them happy and engaged at mealtime. The plate is divided in ways that allow different foods to be kept separate and makes it easy for little hands and developing motor skills to get food onto forks and spoons, with special nooks and crannys for just that purpose. The colorful design integrates fairy wing patterns that match the Tillywig Award-winning Garden Fairy utensils see separate review under 'Set of 3 Garden Utensils,' and these two products from Constructive Eating, Inc.

It's dishwasher and microwave safe, and all materials used have been approved by the FDA. Every parent knows that mealtime can be a challenge, with growing kids resisting the fuel and nutrition they greatly need.

Ghost Simulator

These colorful, garden-themed new eating utensils bring fairy lore to the table, sparking your child's imagination and turning mealtime into something engaging and enjoyable. The design of each utensil - the Garden Rake Fork, Garden Shovel Spoon, and Garden Hoe Pusher - incorporates a unique plant and fairy combination, while the packaging includes both the names and a description of the personalities of each of the three fairies. Let Allo the leader, Charlie the prankster, and sweet, wispy Willow turn mealtime into something your children eagerly await rather than resist. Just as importantly, they're rugged, lightweight, dishwasher safe, and FDA approved.

Let mealtime be a fun, imagination-inspiring, family time! You get an awful lot for your money with this game - multiple card decks, playing pieces, rings, beads, pegs, habit sticks, a beautifully illustrated board, dice - all of which figure prominently in the unique game play. Move around the board, acquiring positive and negative karma colored beads and rings that neutralize one another. Pass through the Earth Realm, Spirit Realm, and Cosmic Consciousness, striving to acquire the positive karmic balance and master tools needed to win.

Choice and Karma Cards picked up along the way can work for or against you, but in either event present words of genuine wisdom. And that's part of what sets the Cosmic Karma Game apart from so many others - a sense of sincerity and knowledge that runs throughout. And when the game is over, you'll not only have had a great time, you'll also be the wiser for having played! Outdoor play has always been an arena for creative, active fun. With Chalk Grab 'N Go Games, there's no waiting for inspiration to strike, just creativity and action in one fell swoop, courtesy of Crayola.

Each includes a unique set of game accessories and instructions for playing that particular game. For example, Obstacle Course provides conical blue markers for players to weave in and out of as they follow obstacle courses of their own divising.

Bean Bag Toss provides brightly-colored, durable little beanbags for tossing, as well as a scoring system and guidelines for setup. And there's so much creativity, variety, and drawing each time you play, the setup's half the fun! With Spring here, Summer just around the corner, and kids and families eager for all the outdoor time they can get, Chalk Grab 'N Go Games is a must-have for the summer fun menu.

Each game sold separately. Outdoor art is a phenomenal way for kids to express their creativity while enjoying the outdoors. It makes sense that Crayola, with so many years of helping kids explore the world of color and self-expression under its belt, would come up with such an exciting, dynamic concept for sidewalk chalk. Each Build Your Box Chalk package contains a unique combination of colors, four large chalk sticks that, together, convey a specific mood or feel and thus inspire a different creative energy.

These washable chalk sticks just spray or wipe the ground with water to erase resemble large crayons with squared edges, making them easy to hold and to use and keep them from rolling away. And with 18 different color combinations to collect and explore, kids can mix and match to their heart's content! Imagine creating your own color fashion designs in a sketchbook and then seeing them worn by models at a fashion show.

Tillywig Toy Awards

That is what this jaw-dropping combination of physical product and virtual reality app does for you. The page sketchbook lets you create the front and back of 20 designs, with additional printable templates available online to let you go on creating long after the first 20 are finished. Each page shows a model wearing a blank outfit, making it easy to create something striking just by staying between the lines.

The front and back can be wildly different in terms of colors and patterns. It still comes together beautifully. As soon as you snap photos of your designs, a model appears onscreen, walking and turning, showing off both sides of your creation. The app allows you to choose from several models, hairstyles, even locations for your shows. Hip runway music plays as you watch several models displaying any number of your designs in the same show. Includes sketchbook, colored pencils, and portfolio case for carrying your artwork and tools, just like a professional!

The app is downloadable free. I-mat is a visually entertaining foam playmat that uses amazing technology to provide fun and learning to your young child. Sprawled across its surface is a colorful, smile-inducing illustration of the great outdoors loaded with flora, fauna, and insects. Dozens of animals and their offspring are labeled by name cow, sheep, pig. The Voice Pen, a remarkable handheld device, speaks the name of a particular creature aloud when touched to its image on the mat, and makes real animal sounds.

There are 3 easy-to-set language options, English, Spanish, and Chinese. Activate either of two games by touching pen to mat, the first of which is finding an animal based on its name. The second game asks you to locate images by hearing the sound the animal makes. It's marvelously entertaining, and the I-Mat is a potent tool for developing vocabulary and comprehension skills, not to mention introducing second and third languages.

A cable connects to your computer for additional downloads and expansions. Kids and adults alike will find creating stories and artwork on the pages of their own hardcover books to be a fabulously fun and rewarding experience, not just for the pleasure and creative ease fostered by the kit, but also the timeless keepsakes that will be returned to again and again. Includes bookplates for identifying the author as well as a perfectly sized book holder for the proud presentation of these treasures.

Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 22 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets

Your friends will be amazed when they ask where you got your beautiful headband and learn that you made it! Fashion Headbands gives you everything you need to transform 10 different colored satin headbands included in the kit into personal fashion statements! An insert from the box makes the perfect workstation at which to create your wearable masterpieces. Just dab a little craft glue to affix bows, flowers, butterfly, rhinestones, ribbons, and more, all of which are included.

How detailed you get is up to you. Do a little design planning up front, or just jump in and improvise as you go. Fashion Headbands makes it that easy! With Feather Fashions, creating your own feather accessories is as easy as Hair clips, headbands, hair extensions, and more - even those who consider themselves challenged at craft-making will be creating and wearing beautiful accessories in no time. The instructions are oh so simple, and the kit includes everything you'll need - fabric flowers and circles that act as bases on which to combine different feather colors and patterns; glue to hold it together once you get the exact look you're after; rhinestones to add color, sparkle, and a touch of class; headbands, hair clips, and ponytail bands that attach easily to your creations; and craft string for making lovely hair extensions.

There's enough to make more than 12 feather accessories and to begin designing, decorating, and wearing your own creations.