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Drums are my passion…never a hobby. Loving God and keeping the faith are what drives my love for playing. Donna and Terina are in the studio with their little guest NaTerra. They talk about things going on in the community this week.

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Donna and Terina put you down with a whole heap of entertainment going on around our city. Donna gets Terina hyped up about Dr. Afrika and the cellphone diodes and his upcoming visit to our city. Donna and Terina are back.

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Congrats to Terina J. You did it T! This weekend is packed for of plenty soulful things to do from outdoor family events to jazz concerts and gospel revivals and concerts as well. Location, Location, Location! Overnight Field Trip to the Pennsylvania State University April 28, Behind every statistic is a story and when it comes to young, African American boys, the numbers are staggering and the reality is sobering.

Donna holds it down in the studio as Terina is off on a vacation. From many free events in the Christian community to upcoming political events to help you learn more about the candidates. Terina talks about women and their many issues and upcoming events in the church community that will help you with these issues. Welcome our newest advertisers and show them support. Soul Pitt Media. You can also feel free to come here and meet your friends.

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  4. Go inside to find our when our next scheduled chat will meet! The Soul Pitt Charter for Change trip was an awesome experience!

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    Check out the video by Andrew Rush and the Article by Sadie Gurman from the Post-Gazette who both traveled on our charter to document our journey! Click here for the Video Click here for the Article. The Soul Pitt. Skip to content. Author Archives: TheSoulPitt. Posted in Quotes Leave a comment.

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    Congrats to Mayor-elect Bill Peduto! Posted on November 6, by TheSoulPitt.

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