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A Short History of European Philosophy and What It Means for Us

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This book is really more of a survey of world philosophy and religion and a history of ideas, than a straightforward treatise on philosophy as a technical subject.

How Any Idiot Can Memorize The Entire History of Philosophy

Traditional Western philosophy and A Short History of Philosophy. Robert C.

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Solomon , Kathleen Marie Higgins. Abraham, we are told, had such a belief in a single God five hundred years earlier.

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How much of philosophy is an effort to come to terms with that demand for unity and concern for that which is "beyond" us? In the pages that follow, we have tried to write a short history of philosophy that is simple and straightforward but captures the complexity and diversity of the subject. The reader may rightly wonder how we can justify calling "short" a book of roughly pages.

Engaging Japanese Philosophy: A Short History

No doubt it could have been shorter, with broader brush strokes, omitting some figures and leaving out non-Western traditions altogether. But when we tried to cut, it was not our authorial egos that were bruised but our history. What is sufficiently inessential to omit? Of course, we have made such decisions, thousands of them, but, nevertheless, the richness of the subject was persuasive.

At the risk of massive oversimplification, we have tried for inclusiveness.

History of Philosophy

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